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You read that correctly. Nearly 2 decades of experience, 40,000 hours of research, exotic ingredients, user feedback, and even self-testing have led us to perfect the PM diet pill formulation. And yes, we are bragging because we don’t have to play by the same rules as other diet pill makers. Let me explain...

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    Money-Back Guarantee
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    Exotic Formula
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Real People That Have Achieved Their Goals

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I can’t beleive how much weight I’ve already lost. It’s been a real blessing to find out about this product

Sandy H.

It’s like I have a whole new metabolism now! I just needed the extra oomph.

Stefanie Jameson

This razalean that my wife purchased for me has been very beneficial and getting this old guy back in shape

N. Thompson
Individual results vary pertaining to testimonials and customer success. All success stories are accomplished with including a healthy diet & regular exercise

Getting Enough Sleep Is Essential For Fat Loss. RazaLEAN PM Ensures Better Sleep And Fights Nighttime Cravings

RazaLean PM is a weight loss supplement designed specifically to be taken at night time. Unlike most diet pills, this product focuses on helping you get good sleep instead of stuffing you with energy. It was created to help you get the most weight loss benefits out of each night's sleep. RazaLEAN PM can also benefit people by losing the temptation to snack late in the evening and getting better rest throughout the night.

The ingredients we researched and added to RazaLEAN PM can really give you a good idea of how high the quality of the product is. We always recommend to do your own research on these ingredients and their synergistic effect they have with one another. But once you understand and know the benefits they provide, you can determine if they add up to the products claims or if it’s the same as another item on the market.


100% Money Back Guarantee

RazaLEAN is backed by an iron-clad money back guarantee. So, in the unlikely event that you don’t like RazaLEAN, or just need to return it for any other reason, we DON’T want your money, so we’ll refund you everything minus shipping! Please read the terms in the FAQ section. Now you can try this award-winning formula with 0 risk!

Take a Second To Visualize Your Dream Body

RazaLEAN PM is a considered an “exotic” dieting formulation because it contains stimulant-free ingredients that help you burn fat and get a better night's sleep to maximize fat loss.

  • Unique formula that uses beta hydroxybutyrate technology
  • Multi-Stage sleeping formula
  • Contains several carb-blockers and essential vitamins & minerals
  • Made in GMP facility with the highest quality ingredients
  • Help block fat production & reduce stored fat
  • Potent formula without fillers or diluents
  • 100% money back guarantee

By taking advantage of all of RazaLEAN PM's proven weight loss & sleep-aid ingredients, you end up saving money by not needing any other products to maximize weight loss.

How Does RazaLEAN PM Compare To The Highest Marketed Products Online?

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How Are So Many People Achieving Their Dream Bodies With RazaLEAN PM?

goBHB™ (Patented Beta Hydroxybutyrate)

This product also includes a patented ingredient called goBHB, made by Compound Solutions. This ingredient is added as a fat converter, that also happens to be stimulant-free. It has the power to help get people into ketosis by shifting to use fat as your body’s fuel rather than glucose. Not only does it help you get rid of unwanted fat, but the design of this product also supports longevity, cognition, and satiety.

Many studies demonstrate time and time again the weight loss benefits of goBHB™.

RazaLEAN PM's Potent, Stim-Free, Fat Burning Ingredients

  • RazaLEAN PM To Curb Hunger

    RazaLean PM review
  • RazaLEAN PM Helps You Stay Full

    RazaLean PM graph

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is used to help the body metabolize carbohydrates. This means that while your brain is asleep your body is still working on reaching your weight goal. It can also help to eliminate hunger, therefore ending food cravings, and may even be able to improve your blood sugar.

Chromium picolinate is an essential mineral and among other benefits, is used to help the body metabolize carbohydrates.

white kidney bean powder

If you are looking for a powerful, stimulant-free carb blocker, White Kidney Bean Powder is the way to go. It is added to RazaLEAN PM to prevent certain carbohydrates from being absorbed into the intestine. This is especially helpful if you're struggling with late-night eating. In addition to helping with weight loss, it may also improve control of blood sugar.

White Kidney Bean Powder is used to block carbs within the intestines to help combat late-night slip ups.

Organic ginkgo biloba leaf extract

It may sound like a mouth full, but it is well worth all of those words. Organic ginkgo biloba leaf extract has many benefits, one is helping with your cognitive abilities. It can upgrade your memory, social behavior, and your ability to complete your day to day assignments. So not only will this pill help your body physically, but it will also improve you mentally.

Organic Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract is not only beneficial for weight loss, but well known for improving cognitive abilities, lowering anxiety and improving your overall mental health.


It is common knowledge that melatonin is an excellent source when it comes to giving you better sleep, but that’s not all. It also may be able to up your ability to lose weight by increasing your metabolism. Improving the immune system is also on the list of abilities for this part of the PM formula. It is secreted by the pineal gland in the brain and is what makes us feel “tired”. Supplementing with melatonin has no negative effects with your natural production and is completely safe for long-term usage. Research indicates that daily usage of melatonin doesn’t only provide you with better sleep, but as a good side effect of the better sleep, test subjects lost 7% more body fat than the placebo group. Melatonin users also increased lean muscle mass and improved their metabolism levels.

Melatonin helps users get a better night's sleep. Good sleep is absolutely essential for weight loss. If you're not getting sleep, you're not losing weight!


Do a quick search for L-Theanine and nearly all the results are related to “anti-anxiety” and “improving sleep”. So, of course we added it to RazaLEAN PM. We want every effective ingredient to play a significant role in helping you lose weight. Since sleep is so incredibly important to weight loss, it’s important to relax well enough to allow yourself to fall into a deeper sleep to speed up fat loss. L-Theanine also starts to work within only a few minutes and has a half-life of approximately 3 hours, which means that the positive, relaxing effects of L-Theanine will last the majority of the night.

L-Theanine is synonyms with anxiety relief and improving sleep routines and lasts for several hours.


Eating too many carbs and sugars has been known to increase serotonin levels in the brain. By increasing serotonin levels, L-Tryptophan can function as an appetite suppressant even at very low amounts. Many people that have struggled with insomnia have included L-Tryptophan into their nighttime supplement regimen to find that it can be incredibly beneficial by speeding up the time it takes to fall asleep. L-Tryptophan has also been shown to help people with seasonal affective disorders, known to primarily affect people in the winter months.

L-Tryptophan functions as an appetite suppressant and helps users fall asleep faster in studies.

Sounds Too Good… Is There a Catch? YES, There’s a Catch


You may think you can double your dosage since it's a stim-free, PM diet pill. Please never take more than the suggested dosage. There are few things you need to understand before using. One, is that RazaLEAN PM is extremely powerful. We know you’re excited about starting your PM diet pill, but we recommend only starting & maintaining with 1 capsule per day.

Chances are that if you’ve purchased a diet pill in the past it was dosed at half the recommended amounts and the company wanted you to burn through the bottle only to buy another one. Since RazaLEAN PM contains powerful ingredients, we highly recommend starting at a slow & steady pace. For the best results, take nightly, without skipping any days.

Start Your Journey Towards Your Dream Body Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will RazaLEAN PM Work For Me?

RazaLEAN PM contains a unique blend of powerful ingredients, all of which are designed to help you burn fat, suppress appetite, and help you sleep deeper, without interruption. Since RazaLEAN PM contains all of these useful benefits, you are more likely to lose weight with RazaLEAN PM than any standalone product. However, we still guarantee RazaLEAN PM to work, and if for some reason you don’t respond to the ingredients, we offer a Money-Back Guarantee.

How Can Better Sleep Help Me Lose Weight?

It’s true, sleeping isn’t really a form of exercise, but it still has many positive benefits and essential for better health and losing weight. Being well rested doesn’t only make you feel good, but it is also related to shedding those extra pounds. When people don’t get enough sleep it is much harder to lose weight. Poor sleep has even been connected to gaining weight. Plus, even if that isn’t a concern for you, getting better sleep will make you healthier all around. These health benefits are enhanced with the added benefits from this supplement’s formula.

RazaLEAN PM Seems Powerful. Is It Safe?

All of the ingredients found in RazaLEAN PM can be found in nature and are therefore safe for people to consume. Please follow the recommended serving guidelines, which are no more than 1 capsule each night before bed. But if you do have further questions, please speak with your physician before taking RazaLEAN PM.

How Long Does Each Bottle Last?

Each bottle contains 30 servings which will last 30 days. Most diet pills offer only 10 to 15 pills, but contain very little in each capsule, so they only end up lasting no more than 2 weeks. RazaLEAN PM gives you twice the amount that a typical product contains.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each bottle of RazaLEAN PM retails for $79.95, but you can buy it as low as $34.65 per bottle when you try the best offer and use the limited time coupon code! If you sign up for email, then you will receive occasional offers like Buy 1, Get 1 Free & other holiday discounts.

How Old Must You Be To Use RazaLEAN PM?

You must be at least 18 years or older to order RazaLEAN PM.

Delivered But Not Delivered Package

If tracking information confirms that the item has been delivered to the shipping address for your order but you have not received your products, please contact the carrier directly in order to investigate the issue. We can't be held accountable for packages where tracking information states the package has been delivered to your shipping address.

What Is RazaLEAN's Shipping Policy?

Packages are sent within the same or next business day. Shipping can take 2-7 business days. Shipping for a single bottle is $4.95, and all multi-bottle orders receive free shipping.

Is RazaLEAN PM Guaranteed?

YES! We guarantee RazaLEAN & RazaLEAN PM to work and if it doesn't work for you, then simply return your order for a refund. All orders are guaranteed for 60 days. Only one bottle per order may be opened in order to be eligible for a refund. If your order had multiple bottles, the remaining bottles must be sealed & in re-salable condition. If your order only contained a single bottle, you are still eligible for a refund, even if the bottle is partially used. Shipping charges and/or costs are non refundable.

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